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Apprenticeships & Traineeships

Kickstart your career by completing an apprenticeship or traineeship with us.

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Earn While You Learn

Our apprenticeships and traineeships offer you the unique opportunity to combine paid work with paid training, all while completing your nationally recognised qualification.


You also receive the same benefits as other employees such as annual leave and superannuation.

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Training Is Flexible

Our apprenticeships and traineeships are offered both full-time or part-time. Your training is flexible and not time restricted, meaning you’ll progress your training once you’ve mastered each level.

Construction Site
Crane lifting on construction site

Gain Nationally Recognised Qualifications

You’ll work towards gaining a nationally recognised qualification delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Partners On Country is part of the PeopleIN family. This means that following your qualifications you’ll have continued career opportunities both within Partners On Country and the broader PeopleIN family.

Gain Real World Experience

Our apprenticeships and traineeships are focused on providing maximum real world and hands on experience possible. You’ll receive industry leading support and guidance from qualified team members, to ensure your development is maximised and always remains on track.

Construction Site


  • Apply for a job vacancy

  • Receive and interview and skills assessment

  • Reference checks


  • On-boarding including confirming salary and benefits package

  • Workplace health and safety training, including protective equipment where necessary

  • Workplace tour and meet and greet


  • As you progress through your traineeship or apprenticeship, your dedicated Training Program Manager is on hand to support you with any issues or questions, monitor your training plan, and ensure your safety in the workplace is maintained.


  • Ensure all training criteria is successfully completed

  • Formalise your qualifications

  • Plan your next steps

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