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The On Country Workforce team is indigenous-owned and have the Traditional Owner relationships to best connect with local communities.


When backed by the technology, administrative and strategic support of AWX, we become Partners On Country, a team that understands local people and delivers them right people faster and more effectively than ever before.



Committed to a true partnership model,
we work to align your goals and the most impactful workforce.

We assign a Dedicated Engagement Manager to work alongside your team and ensure workforce productivity against your project timeframes and targets.


Operating across all modes of staffing, we can also provide ready-made teams, complete with their own leadership tasked with delivering projects on time and under budget, or skilled workers in short or long-term contracts.

Our Track Record

Helping clients achieve on-time, under-budget delivery by engaging local communities.

As individual businesses, we have a long history of supporting indigenous people into work and connecting operations across the country to the workforce they need.

Together, we’re supercharging this capability to quickly and effectively get First Nations and local people to the businesses that need them.

Key Clients

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Work in Perfect Partnership

By working as closely as possible with our clients’ teams and the Traditional Owner Groups on whose Country they work - we ensure the best outcomes for community and company every time.

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